Warranty returns and claims

This policy does not intend to exclude our requirements under consumer law.

  1. For a period of 6 months, Mums ‘n’ Bubs Amber will repair, free of charge, and faulty items.
  2. For a period of 6 months,┬áMums ‘n’ Bubs Amber will repair, for a fee of $15, any item that has been damaged through abuse or neglect. This is not an admission of liability or fault and a gesture of goodwill
  3. Damage and faults include breaks of the string, beads and amber, fraying of the string, stretching of the string and broken clasps.
  4. An item is typically treated as damaged, not by fault, if the string has been stretched, beads or amber has chipped one week after delivery, and the clasp has been broken
  5. The buyer is responsible for return postage costs if it has been damaged through no production fault.
  6. The buyer is responsible for the safe delivery of the item to us. We recommend tracking with your chosen carrier.
  7. Should we offer to repair a damaged item free of charge or outside of the time limits of this policy, the buyer accepts that there is no admission of fault or liability on our behalf and that we do not guarantee safe delivery for untracked damaged items. This is a free service or goodwill that is offered outside of our standard returns and warranty policy
  8. We may accept repairs for damaged items beyond 6 months at our discretion. All warranties and guarantees of service do not apply in these circumstances unless the service is paid for.
  9. Misuse of items is not covered by our warranty conditions. For example. If an item is damaged by hard water, water in general, grease, oil, chewing, pulling or stretching, crushed or otherwise damaged willfully or by neglect

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