Lemon Baltic Amber With Pink & Purple Gemstones. Adults 25cm Anklet


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This one of a kind anklet was designed, strung and individually hand-knotted by myself, using amazing quality Gemstones, Baltic Amber beads.

{Please measure your ankle before ordering}

Gemstones used are

~Amethyst  – Promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress, headaches, blood sugar imbalance; left brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender. Increases vivid dreams of relieves depression.
~Cherry Quartz  – May help as an anti-depressant, relief from anxiety, and tension. It is further considered to be used as an energy stone and a powerful healing stone for the spirit. You may find that you have increased vitality, confidence and vision in seeing things in the “bigger picture”.
~Rhodochrosite (A light but bright pink)– Imparts dynamic, positive attitude. Helps assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, removes denial. Gently brings painful, repressed feelings to surface, for acknowledgement, emotional release. Helps to identify ongoing patterns, face the truth, without excuses or reservations, but with loving awareness. Urges confrontation of irrational fears, paranoia. Improves self-worth, soothes emotional stress. Encourages creativity. Helps integrate new information. Lifts depression, brings lightness to life.
~Rose Quartz – Calming, reassuring, excellent for trauma, crisis. Attracts love, relationships, restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love. Gently draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving vibes. Strengthens empathy, sensitivity, aids acceptance of the necessary change. Excellent for a mid-life crisis. Soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation. Comforts grief. Encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance, invokes self-trust and self-worth.
~ Pink Jade – The ‘Stone of Dreams’, takes the being on a journey into the fascinating and even magical world of dreams, but not without helping to prepare the mind, body and spirit beforehand by bringing deep relaxation and calm throughout the whole of the being. Pink Jade holds a caring and calming energy that can help ease disruptive sleep patterns, returning them to a more balanced and healthy state. This is a stone that resonates well with the being who wishes to have a more visionary or lucid dream state. Pink jade can help stimulate such states to come forth but does this on a gentle scale so that it does not become overwhelming.

Colours/shapes can Vary from the picture. Each Baltic Amber jewellery piece is handmade and unique.

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