Baltic Amber Nursing Necklace

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All Baltic Amber necklaces are made of genuine Baltic Amber & come with a certificate of authenticity.

Baltic Amber nursing necklaces are used in child nursing, usually to retain the baby’s attention and keep him occupied while feeding/nursing. In the first 12 months, the child becomes increasingly interested in everything that surrounds him: objects, people, colours, stimuli and everything related to the mother’s comfort and feeding. By allowing

Baltic Amber nursing necklaces will become recognized in time by the child as an object related to their mother. They can also be worn by others who spend a lot of time around babies, for example, grandparents, child carers, nannies. They can also be used by mothers or caregivers that bottle feed.


These necklaces are made of Baltic Amber and are comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear. Baltic Amber also has healing energies that improve both body and mind. It is mystical, beautiful, radiating with positive energy. It gives the wearer a sense of peace and calm thanks to its therapeutic qualities and natural pain relieving characteristics. For those who do not know, Baltic Amber is also considered a great anti-depression and anti-anxiety remedy, helping the wearer by reducing fatigue or weariness.

Baltic Amber nursing necklaces induce self-confidence and create a traditional bond between mothers, grandmothers and daughters, due to the fact that Baltic Amber jewellery is usually passed from one generation to another. This is a common practice in Europe.

Each piece is unique, with various shades,  and forms colours. Baltic Amber nursing necklaces are strung using a thread that is designed to without being pulled on by a child. They are also made with well-rounded chips so it soft to hold. The necklaces are fastened during normal use, but have a safety clasp which is easily released if snagged. Thanks to their amazing benefits for both mother and baby, Baltic Amber nursing necklaces make a unique and thoughtful baby shower gift.


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