About Mums’n’Bubs Amber

Hi, my name is Bek. I am the creator of Mums’n’Bubs Amber. As the name suggests I am a mother to 4 children and a stay at home Mum. My children have special needs and require extra care, which is why I decided to create a business from home. So I could work around them & give them the extra care they need. I have been in love with wearing Baltic Amber for 8 years because of its beauty and healing properties. However, I found that most pieces were plain & boring. It was then I decided to source the Baltic Amber & Gemstones myself and start making my own jewellery. Also because of my passion for wearing them I wanted to make some for my children & adults to wear. These ideas formed the basis of my business and I have been making them now for 6 years.

I have branched out into more items as the business has grown as I have found the need for these items & I love them as a parent. So the products you see on my website are items I have used every day with my children, or I have used with them at some point. If I am selling it, you know it is a great product and one that you and your children will love as well.


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