Who is Mums’n’Bubs Amber?

I am a small business that operates from home around my 4 special needs children.

I have been working with Baltic Amber & Gemstones now for close to 5 years. In this time my love for Baltic Amber & gemstones has grown along with my business.
I have been wearing & using Baltic Amber on two of my four children now for 8 years. The love for Baltic Amber is what got me started to make custom creations when I couldn’t find anything I liked for my #4 baby, who I was set on using Baltic Amber with to help him with his colic, reflux & teething pain. But I didn’t want to use a “plain” one with him so I went on a hunt to find something that I could make just for him. So when I closed down my last baby & children shop after the birth of #4 child I started Mums’n’Bubs Amber to allow others to also make custom creations that they love just as much as I do.

Opening hours & orders?

My opening, working hours can & do change from time to time, as like all work at home mums, my children come before my business. So if you are wanting to collect an order or have a custom order made, please contact me via the contact us page, via the message us tab on Facebook or even via a text message/phone call.

I am happy to try and work with you to allow a time that both suits you and me for pick up, or have a custom order created, but sometimes my family do come first.