How to use Baltic Amber jewellery safely

This is a quick little post on how to use Baltic Amber jewellery safely.

The small 29cm-30cm necklace most generally fits a child until 12 months. The 33cm necklace may be needed for a larger child or a child over the age of 1. As the child grows, check the necklace to ensure it is still the correct size. The necklace should fit loose enough around the neck so you can insert two fingers between the necklace & their neck but also you should not be able to get the necklace above the child’s chin so they can’t put the necklace in his/her mouth. The amber beads MUST NOT BE PUT INTO THE MOUTH OR CHEWED. They aren’t for chewing on. These aren’t a teething toy & shouldn’t be used as a teething toy.

Each bead on Mums’n’Bubs Amber’s necklaces are individually knotted so if the necklace does break, the beads stay intact & only 1 bead will become loose.  Screw clasps are designed to pull open/break/thread pull out when a lot of force for ten seconds or more is applied. This happens to prevent choking if it is tugged on or pulls on. This is the safety point of the jewellery. As with all jewellery, Baltic amber should only be worn and used under the direct supervision of an adult. Correct sizing for teething necklaces is as follow.

I get asked a lot, is Baltic Amber jewellery safe?
The answer is yes, as long as there is a knot before and after each bead, so that even in the event of the string being torn, only one bead will fall off the necklaces. Our necklaces are secured with a screw clasp which does not contain free moving small parts. Using the necklaces correctly and under supervision, our products are very safe.

Is it ok for my baby to wear the Baltic Amber necklace 24/7 including when asleep?
The short answer is no. Always take off the jewellery whenever your baby doesn’t have constant adult supervision. A safe alternative if you would like your baby to wear the Baltic Amber jewellery at night is to wrap the necklace around your baby’s ankle under footed pyjamas where it cannot be grabbed loose, or alternatively just remove at night and replace in the morning.

When is it safe for my baby to wear Baltic Amber Jewellery?
Baltic Amber can be used from birth, but only with supervision, the anklet may be worn from birth onwards. A necklace I wouldn’t use until bub is over 3 months old.

How long will the jewellery last?
This is a good question. Baltic Amber jewellery is specifically designed for use with babies/toddlers and is therefore extremely durable & safe. With the right care & correct use, they will last and become a treasured heirloom to pass down in the family. Repairs can be made to the jewellery if it does break. Please contact the Facebook page for this.

My baby is trying to chew on the jewellery.
The jewellery is made for wearing, not for chewing. The easiest solution is to tuck it under their clothing & try to distract the child. You should use other teething aids such as chewing toys or cool foods to meet your baby’s increased chewing needs. The Baltic Amber jewellery isn’t to chewed on or put into/around their mouth.

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