Parenting Hacks

Ever thought there must be a hack to some of the day to day things we do as a parent?

We here are a few that might just make things a little easier.

    1. Cutting kids hair.

      Do you cut your kid’s hair? Hate to see it all over their clothes? We here are a simple yet smart hack.
      Cut a hole in a large garbage back & pop it over their head. Then when you can cut their hair & won’t fall all over their clothes. If they are sitting it will make for an easier clean up as well 😉

    2. Sunscreen hack.

      Now, this is one I will be using for my little ones! Leave them strapped into something. Ie: their car seat, high chair or pram. Put the cream on where they are less of a struggle/challenge to get it on. I wish I knew this one sooner! Some much less stress in trying to hold down a walking toddler while I apply sunscreen to them.
      I have found this sunscreen applicator that ?! It keeps the sunscreen off your skin! Yay! No more slimy hands when trying to do things after putting sunscreen on the kids ?
      You can order yours here, they make great gift ideas as well 😉

    3. Clip nails while they sleep.

      Man, I wish I knew this with #1 baby. I hate clipping nails. Even my own lol. I am always scared I will take some finger or some toe with the nail when cutting them.
      So wait until they are in their deep sleep before you cut them. This can be between 10 & 20 minutes after they have finally gone off to the land of Nod.

    4.  Give them a sense of control.

      I do something like this with my now 5-year-old. He is at pre-school 9 days a fortnight. At the start it was SO hard for him to understand that mummy will come back for him, so he was having HUGE anxiety issues at school. So one day I started to allow him to tell me when I will come & collect him from pre-school. As he attends 2 different schools with different sets ups, I used that to help him feel better about going to school.

      He now LOVES going to his school & will happily go after we do our little “This is my control” hack. He has 2 fruit break at one school & only 1 at another. So on the days, he goes to the 2 fruit break school, I will ask him. Do you want mummy to collect you after second fruit break or lunch? Now he will always say after second fruit break mummy, I love it here & I like me second fruit break. This way, he feels he is in control of when I will be collecting him, when in fact, it is the same time as any other time, but he feels he has the control.

    5.  Make picking up toys fun.

      My daughter’s teacher gave me thing idea when I was struggling to get my special needs daughter to help me to clean up after playtime & just before bed.
      Grab one of these plastic grabbers from Target/Kmart for a few dollars. (I also think some $2 shops also sell them around Christmas time) Challenge them to pick up their toys with them, & see who can get the most in a set time frame. I set the timer on my phone so they can see how long they have to get it done in. (My kids are 10, 8 7 5, but as they are special needs, this would work with kids from around 3 years old)

    6. Buy a Cheap Yoga Mat.

      This hack would have been great with #4. He was always on the tiles in my lounge room to change as I never had the time to race into another room & leave 3 other kids alone while I changed him. (He was always on a blanket but the mess would sometimes end up on it as well.
      You could spend $30 on a foldable, portable baby-changing mat. Or you could buy a cheap yoga mat, cut it into rectangles, and have spongy, easy-to-clean changing mats for about $10.
      And, if you walk places, you can pop one under your pram or have in the back of the car for when you need to clean one & can’t find somewhere clean to do it.
      Gets dirty? Wipe it off with some antibacterial wipes 😉

    7. Messy Pop Tops?

      Solved! How? With these Mum designed Magic Spout. How is it magic? Well, you don’t need to close or open it but they can drink from with easy & without a mess. Yep! You read that right. That’s why they are magic 😉
      Order your Pop Top hack from while they last. (They are sold in packs of 3)

    8. Swap Snaps For Zippers.

      This is a big one in my house! When #3 was a baby, I used to be forever missing buttons & snaps on her clothes as newborn. (Lacking in sleep as I had 3 children that didn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time but never at the same time lol)The squirming, crawling, kicking babies and teeny-tiny snap buttons don’t mix. But for some reason, 90 per cent of newborn outfits seem to come with snaps. Why!?

      Thank you Bonds for coming out with the Zippies Wondersuits when #4 as born. They were a godsend. Plus, I didn’t have to strip him all the way off to change his nappy! Unzip the bottom zipper, get his legs out. Change & zip back up. So tell your friends and family you only want zippered baby clothes from now on. (A few other places are now also taking the idea of double zippers over single or snaps as they can see it is so much nicer way to change bubs & less stress on parents 😉

    9.  Heat Bottles on the Go.

      This is a great tip for bottle-feeding parents. Told this one from a neighbour. It was an absolute game-changer for them. So it is one I have always had in the back of mind in case I needed it. Boil water and put in a Kmart metal drink bottle before leaving the house with frozen or cold milk. That way if you need to give your little one a bottle while on the go, you can pour the water into a cup ( a collapsible camping cup is a GREAT idea) and plop the bottle or bag of milk into the hot water to warm up the bottle. The metal bottle will keep the water hot for hours & it is less to carry than a huge thermos water bottle as they can get heavy when full of water. Beats using the sink in a public restroom as you know the water is clean & drinkable 😉

    10. Change your password to an easy “one-handed one”.

      This one you will understand if you already have kids 😉
      I learnt this one while I was doing online study with #3. The only way I could get more than 10 mins of sleep was to put her on my left shoulder & use my right hand to do work. That’s hard to sign in if you need a few different fingers on both sides of the keyboard & you aren’t using a phone or a tablet that takes your fingerprint 😉

      Change all your email/computer passwords so that you can type them with one hand.   You’ll be holding a newborn in one arm more than you might think.
      You will be thanking me later for that one 😉

    11. Add ankle weights to strollers to keep them from tipping over.

      I personally like this one for a few reasons. 1. It stops the pram from falling over when you take a nappy bag off. 2. If you are trying to lose some baby weight or just train up again after bub, the added weight will help. Lots of people carry the weight on their back. If you are like me & can’t carry any weight, then push it. It will still do the same thing without as much strain on your body. (Just remember to up the weight in the pram every few weeks to it increases the weight you are pushing 😉 )

    12. Wet Wipe. Np Pee Hack.

      This one sounds strange but, I wish I could have tried with my boys! They were like a fire hydrant as soon as their nappy came off!
      Run a wet wipe over their belly, just below the belly button just before you take off their nappy. This is said to stop them from peeing all over you.
      (I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, so please report back if you find it works)
      You could also get the Pee pee Teepee. This cute thing is great to cover the little man’s bits while you change & could be best for the cooler months ?
      Order your Pee pee Teepee from

    13. Meconium poo hack.

      Newborn babies’ first stools are black, sticky meconium. Some say they are like tar. (road tar lol)  Which can be close to impossible to wipe off without using a whole pack of baby wipes lol. So in those first three days, put some coconut oil or almond oil (if there is a family history of nut allergies in the family. Best to stick with baby oil) on your baby’s bottom after each nappy change.  When bub makes their first meconium stool, it won’t stick to their skin and will be easy to wipe off with the oil. Yay! This is a parenting hack that needs to be shared! 😉

    14. Zooper Doopers hack.

      Huh? How can there be a Zooper Dooper hack you say? Well, there is. Again its been designed by a parent that was over pushing up or cutting off the top of the zooper doopers time & time again. So they made the Pop Pal.
      It pushes up the ice pole while they little ones eat & keeps their hands warm. Double yay! Now they can eat them on their own and allow you to do what you need to do without a little voice every few mins asking to cut the plastic or push up the ice 😉
      Order the Pop Pal from here

    15. Arr, Baby Wipes! When you just want 1!

      Who is like me and hates getting half a packet of wipes when you only want 1 at a time? It’s worse when you are in the middle of a nappy change & you need a few extra wipes to finish off the job. But no! You get 20+ when you only need 1. Well, here is a hack that I wish I found out 13 years ago. One that is a handy one for everyone to know.
      Cut the sides of the wipes opening so they can slide out easy & not clump up ??. Yay! An easier way to change without the hassle of a handful of unneeded wipes ?

    16. Ontray Shopping Hack

      The Ontray is a hack that has been around for a few years but I am sure you would love! Keep your kids happy while you shop by having their snacks, toys & even an iPod/tablet close with an educational game going.
      The Ontray clips onto the trolley. How easy!
      Order your Ontray today from

    17. Teething Rusk Hack?

      Yes, there is one that everyone LOVES! Why? Because they save the rusks that babies go crazy for & make it easy on parents.
      This was a hack designed by a grandmother of 7 grandkids who could see the need to save the rusks, save the mess they cause & make little ones happy as they could hold them with ease.
      You can order your rusk holder here





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